Why do goldfish turn white? The change in color can depend on many factors, it is not always a question of health. Let’s find out the possible causes of this change!


One of the most common “problems” concerning goldfish is their change of color: it can happen that from a bright red they gradually become almost entirely white fish. Why does this happen?


Improper nutrition can affect the color of goldfish, if it is lacking vitamins the fish can turn white in a short time.
What to do: it is advisable to give the fish with different feeds that contain vegetables and proteins.


As with any fish, the water quality also determines the health of the animal. When the water is full of chlorine or with a higher than normal level of ammonia, nitrites and nitrates, the fish risks losing its bright color.
What to do: to remove the chlorine from the water, place it in a container and evaporate it in an open and sunny place, so that the chlorine is dispersed in the form of gas. To check if the levels are normal, you need to buy a ph test kit.


Not only us, humans, turn gray over the years, fish also change color as they age. The bright red changes to a faded orange culminating in white in older fish. In this case there are no solutions!


If, while observing the fish swimming in its aquarium, you notice that it is covered with a grayish white patina and is particularly nervous, there could be an infection or a disease.
What to do: call a veterinarian expert in fish care who will help you diagnose any infection, in all likelihood special drops to be poured into the water will be enough to heal the finned friend.


Always pay attention to the water temperature, more or less degrees are enough to make the fish suffer. When it is cold it happens that the parts exposed to the low temperature change color.


A fish used to living in the dark or with little light tends to fade. Do goldfish that live in outdoor tanks, for example, often have brighter colors than those that live in aquariums?

Goldfish are easier to care for than other freshwater fish; even if they do not require excessive attention, it is important to have the right precautions to make them feel good and live as long as possible.